Reading Friend Mary has been coming to the group at Age UK since it started. She has a love of biographies and poetry which has sparked her own interest in writing.  We chatted to Mary about how she finds being a Reading Friend.

Mary’s story

Mary was born in Surrey and raised in Horsham. She has had many jobs, all in the local area, including working in a plastic bottle factory for 29 years. In recent years, Mary has discovered a love of books and reading and writing her own poetry.

Did you read before taking part in Reading Friends?

Not really, Mary says. I’ve started reading since joining Reading Friends. I’ve also learnt about poetry – writing poems, and listening to different opinions.

‘Reading makes me feel happy – the people here are a lovely bunch, and very friendly. I’m a social person, so I’m always making friends, and that’s easy to do here.’

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Reading Friends?

Through Reading Friends, I’ve been able to make friends, have chats, and share ideas. Karen (our Reading Friends coordinator) is great, she’s kind and understanding which is always lovely. We also do fun things like poetry and plays – we have nice chats.

A poem from Mary to you

I live in Horsham,

It’s very awesome,

There’s lots to see and do.

I like to pop to the shop,

And buy a thing or two.

I like to go to Age UK,

I go there on a Friday.

Reading Friends is the best,

I have such fun when I’m there

I bring a poem to share

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