Reading Friends in Sheffield has been going strong since 2017. We partner with Dementia Action Alliance in Sheffield and Kath, our project lead, has been doing some amazing work with Ignite Imaginations and Sheffield Museums to bring Reading Friends in museums through dementia-friendly memory cafes .

Dementia-friendly memory cafes

Reading Friends in Sheffield has joined forces with Ignite Imaginations and Sheffield Museums. Together we will bring intergenerational Reading Friends in Sheffield museums through dementia-friendly memory cafes. The cafes are open for people living with dementia, their families, and carers so that they can meet in a friendly and suitable location. The project is launching in early 2019 and will pair young ambassadors with people who attend the cafe. We think the cafes are an ideal venue for Reading Friends sessions.

How will it happen?

Museum volunteers and Arts and Cultural Ambassadors (year 9 and 10 students) from Ignite Imaginations will deliver the sessions. The sessions will also allow people to share books, art, gadgets, poetry and music linked to the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition in the spring.

The project echoes the excellent intergenerational work being done by Reading Friends projects in Scotland and Oldham. We’re incredibly excited for this new phase of our work in Sheffield.

How can I get involved?

Reading Friends is always looking for new volunteers to help local projects. You can find out more about our projects and sign up to volunteer.

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