How do I join Reading Friends? 

  1. To join Reading Friends you will need to find your local Reading Friends group here

What should I do if Reading Friends is not running in my local area? 

  1. If there isn’t a group in your local area, then please register your interest, and sign up to our newsletter via our website. We’ll keep you up to date with all of our Reading Friends news.  

How do I set up/start a Reading Friends project?

  1. Reading Friends is delivered by organisations to ensure that everyone gets the best experience when taking part in the programme. We believe that this model also ensure that our participants are safe, and that organisations have the relevant expertise and policies in place to ensure this. If you are an organisation wanting to take part in the programme, please register your interested here.

I’ve registered my interest in Reading Friends, but the project is still not running in my local area. Why is this? 

  1. Reading Friends is launching a new trial phase of our subscription model in April 2019. As part of this, we are inviting a select number of libraries that have previously expressed interest in taking part, to join the project. To ensure that we provide all Reading Friends projects with the highest level of support, the initial rollout will be to 20 libraries that are diverse in geographic and thematic scope. We believe that this approach will allow us to increase the reach of Reading Friends without compromising the quality of the service that we deliver.  
  2. These libraries will also help us refine and perfect our overall libraries offer, which we hope to roll out more widely in the coming few months.  

Why can I not access the Reading Friends resources?  

  1. Access to Reading Friends resources is managed by the Reading Friends team, and is only available to organisations that are subscribed to Reading Friends and agree to the Partnership Agreement. If you have registered for an online account for use with another Reading Agency programme, you will not be able to access locked Reading Friends resources with that account. You must be part of an existing Reading Friends project to access the resources.  

Reading Friends projects  

How do I create a passport account? 

  1. To sign up to the Reading Friends website and access resources, you will need a Reading Agency Passport account. Click here to get started. 
  2. Enter your date of birth and click Continue. 
  3. Fill in your email address and the rest of your details, and then click Submit. 
  4. Once you have your passport account, let us know, and we will grant you access to the relevant Reading Friends resources within the next 48 hours.  
  5. You can start using your Reading Friends account to access resources, the digital toolkit, and much more. 

Why can I not access the Reading Friends resources? 

  1. Reading Friends resources are tiered in line with our subscription model. If you do not have a Reading Friends subscription, you will not be able to access resources.  
  2. If you do have a Reading Friends subscription, please check the level of your subscription, as some resources might not fall into your tier.